Bellydance Glam Giveaway

We’re super excited about Dina…YES, THE DINA coming to Atlanta in 2020! Our memories of Dina are of a glamorous dancer that stole the hearts of anyone who encountered her incredible performances. She’s known for incredible crisp moves that are steeped in t’aarab and her impeccable stage presence. We noticed that dancers around the world began adding a bit more to their shows and jewelry became a big deal to dazzle the dancers’ ensembles.

In honor of the skill and glam that Dina brings to the industry, we’re giving away a big rhinestone jewelry dance package complete with two sets of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets that can bring a little Dina essence to your ensemble. Every purchase equals an entry into the giveaway. We’ll be announcing 2 winners on New Year’s Day 2020 to celebrate our excitement of the official countdown to Dina’s arrival at Essence of Bellydance here in Atlanta, Georgia!

Be sure to post us a note on our Facebook or Instagram account if you want your next purchase to count toward the Bellydance Glam Giveway. All we need is your first name and we’ll get in touch to verify your purchase. You get bonus points for sending us a photo: 1 entry per order, 3 additional entries when you send us a photo of you trying on your costume and a full 10 entries when you send us a photo of you or your troupe wearing MissBellydance at a show.

As a bonus and to show our gratitude for a wonderful year, we’ll be giving away a rhinestone earring set to random followers and fans. Just tell us how much you enjoy bellydance and when you first saw Dina online or in person. You’ll be entered to win one of 7 giveaways starting in December!