Skirts or Pants – Which Works Best?

When choosing raqswear your main goal is to think of functionality and presentation. Will you be able to demonstrate the moves and powerful turns in your choreography? Can you truly execute what you’ve worked so hard to perfect? In some cases  you’re presenting a genre of dance such as Raqs Beladi which is an earthier version that reflects the region you want to present. Beladi has often been synonymous with Egypt (Al Msr) and therefore you’ll see and hear people refer to it as an Egyptian dance. If you decide to go that route, you may wish to pick a beladi dress vs. pants or a skirt. More times than not, dancers see a costume and are then forced to build a choreogprahy around that garment. It should be the other way around.

As costumers, when asked, we want to know what are you trying to present. What region is it from? Are you showcasing a dance that is known to a certain group of people in the region? We then go from a cultural background, the roots of the people and what trends have influenced them today before moving forward with a suggestion. So skirts or pants turns into beladi or Bandari!?

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