Tribal Bellydance Belts

The purpose of all bellydance and raqs hipwear is to accentuate the movements of that area. Belts are more than just decoration, they are highlights that emphasize your skills. We specialize in keeping lots of different ones in stock because much like a symbol, a belt says a lot about your skills, your work and history in the dance. One of the most popular “belts” is the tribal bellydance belt. This belt is a creative work of art that allows dancers to add in their own fine touches and uniqueness. We like to provide a belt that gives dancers a great base plus some. Dancers then take our belts and add a few things to it to make “their own.”

Tribal bellydance belts are not just these tapestry like pieces they also come in coins. Because “ATS” borrows and or features items from other cultures in the east and the African continent, you’ll see some with lots of coins. The history of coins on belts is said to portray everything from the travelling groups who wore all they owned to those who wanted to showcase wealth. Today, it is a decoration that can be worn to highlight your hip area and bring attention to the style of raqs you love!

Tell us your favorite belts to wear and why! One fortunate person will win a belt! Leave your comment on Facebook or in the reply below.