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Spectacular belly dance costumes from Miss Belly Dance come in various models including skirt & tops, harem pants and professional sets to fit your needs. All items are handmade in Turkey and include free shipping within U.S. You can select a model and customize your belly dancing costume based on available bra, belt and cup sizes Our bellydance costumes and fashion are now being worn not only on stage but as everyday wear. provides both styles with a focus on bra tops, bedluhs, belts, bellydance skirts and choli tops for raqs sharqi. We also have stylish harem pants, American Tribal Style (ATS) costumes, Fusion Bellydance sets and professional bellydance bedluhs that can be tailored to fit your needs. Fans, friends of the art and raqs sharqi performers are finding ways to make Raqs couture a part of their day-to-day lives by arranging bellydance costumes in many ways. has had the same vision of modifying costumes and stage wear beyond the performance circuit. We specialize not only in "the dancer" but also the entourage and fans. Each costume accents the hips or includes a hipscarf. For some costumes, the bellydance skirt has been shortened and features eastern prints and patterns that can be worn to work. Our costumes feature elastic in the waist or can be tailored to fit your measurements. For traditional bellydance and beyond the stage, has got you covered!