The Hipscarf

This essential icon of raqs sharqi and bellydance is super important. It is a staple in the dance used to accentuate the hips and make one take notice! Hipscarves can come in a variety of styles from fringed, coined, long printed cloths and of course those with all the above. Hipscarves should be worn tight yet comfortable around the lower part of the hips for full emphasis on the movements.

Hipscarves can be worn by all genders, all ages. They are not a rite of passage they are for all ages. Often times when one is at a house party, a person may take off a shawl from around their shoulders and use it as a hipscarf. They may place it on the hips of another or perhaps pass it to the next dancer to encourage them to participate.

Does your dance group or troupe have a tradition around hipscarves? Let us know! You could win 3 for your troupe. Submit your story on Facebook or reply to our post. Winners will be chosen on the 5th of July!