About Us

Since 2000, MissBellydance.com has been right alongside the dance community creating costumes that are affordable and stylish. Our goal is to give you and your troupe a beautiful, belly dance ensemble that compliments your confidence on stage. MissBellydance.com offers a number of sizes from petite to plus and features models that we know embody the best in the businesses. Our fashion is inclusive and we ourselves are diverse coming from a variety of cultures that inhabit the globe. Our warehouse is in Marietta, Georgia and we partner with dance troupes, international community influencers, and events to bring you the latest trends and thoughts on fashion.


Our Director of Product Development, Judith, can guide you to exactly what you need to make your troupe one of the best in the business. Need a custom-made costume? Tell Judith! She’ll take your measurements and work her magic to get you exactly what you need. If you don’t see it on our site, we will find a way to get it for you within reason. MissBellydance.com is here for you!

      All MissBellyDance.com costumes are top quality, long lasting and sturdy featuring unique cuts and designs are made in our manufacturer in Turkey. In addition, we carry individual items like hip scarves, coin belts, ankle bracelets, belly dance tops, dance pants and fashionable items you can wear out for special occasions.

     We love when our customers leave messages for us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, @missbellydance. Better yet, it's a joy to meet our fans when they visit the Atlanta storefront. Be sure to tell us in advance that you're coming. We appreciate your businesses and thank you for making MissBellydance.com your one-stop shop for everything related to Raqs!


1165 Allgood Rd NE Marietta, GA 30062 (404) 835-7748