Travel for Bellydance - Masriyatt Intensive

So, you've got all these great costumes and tons of dance moves you want to practice. You know all the greats past and present. What's next? Go to Masriyatt Intensive 2019! It's time. You know it is. You've been thinking about it and now you have no excuse. Amazing performances and instruction by top artists from Egypt will be featured. As you know, we're big fans of Tito Seif. He's going to be there! Nada El Masriya and Dr. George Sawa will be present as well plus many other amazing artists!

This all takes place in Toronto, Canada, one of the BEST cities on the planet. You'll love it. It's about $649 CAD right now, so get in on that great rate. We wouldn't promote it if we hadn't already experienced the magic of Canada's raqs sharqi scene. It's phenomenal and our archivist flies up there any chance she gets.

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