What is Labor Day for Bellydancers?

Shoutout to our friend, Kadria, who works hard all year round with her band and music career! Dancers like her are why we do what we do here at MissBellydance.com

We know that you work hard all year round and it's essential that you as a dancer take a day off as well. Labor Day is a holiday to honor American workers and give them a day of rest. Dancers are entrepreneurs that help the tourism industry stay in businesses as well as the fitness arena. People rely on dance for so much and you as a raqs instructor are a part of that. So, today is your day! Relax! Rest your hips!

What are some fun things bellydancers can do on Labor Day? Call your fellow dancers! Check on them and let them know you care. Find out what they are up to this fall and perhaps schedule an appearance at each other's studios. It's a great day to drop a networking seed in your community.

It's also a wonderful day to read about what's going on in the dance world. The raqs forums are alive and well every single day and if you're not doing social listening you may miss out on a chance to make a connection. So be sure to check in to your community forums and say hello! 

Labor Day is also a great day to post a selfie. Showing your class and fans what you're doing when you're not in the classroom is a great way to add another dimension to your presence online. Form a connection by asking who else is out and about enjoying the day. Connect and form new friendships online and in real life. You can even set up a meet up to have lunch. Don't forget to share your tips with the servers who are not taking the day off at your favorite diners and eating spaces.

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